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A history of the Ships built at the Henry Robb Shipyard in Leith, Scotland. Also a testimony to the men who built the Ships and to all who sailed in them.
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Restoration Projects

This will feature the progress of the SCOT II restoration project, (along with other worthy restoration projects with links to Leith) to restore the rusty hulk back to her former glory as an ice breaker inland waterways TUG.
The latest news from the BBC news program can be found here.

You can now watch the BBC Video of the SCOT II.

From this rusting hull.


To looking as she did on the Caledonian Canal in her better days.

This really is a huge project to restore the SCOT II back to as near the original as possible.

Happy to be able to tell the world that the project to renovate the oldest "Ice Breaking" Tug left in the British Isles is now to be revived after a couple of years of the usual challenges she is now an official registered charity.
She will be restored to Lloyds Class 100A1 Sea going ready again.

The trust is now officially 'The Scot ll & Historic Vessels Renovation & Preservation Society SCIO ' Our charity number is SC045270 ! Our SCIO's Known name is 'The Scot ll Society.' The registration date is 04 / 12 / 2014.

Some history of the historic vessel SCOT II


A single screw ice breaker tug ordered by the Ministry of Transport, she was built and launched by the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb in 1931, to Lloyd’s survey as Ship No 184. She was eventually handed over to British Waterways Board after WWII.

She had a length between perpendiculars of 75 feet and a beam of 15 feet. She had a gross tonnage of 59 tons. She is believed to be the oldest and only ice breaking tug on the British Ship Historical register.
In 1960 her 2 cylinder steam engine was replaced with an 8 cylinder, Kelvin Diesel. (One of only 2 prototypes made, Kelvin still produces the 8 cylinder diesel, and the Save the Scot 2 group have the original to go back into her as part of her restoration.)
From 1960 to 1991 she did summer passenger cruises on Loch Ness from her base in the Muirtown Basin at Inverness. In the winter she was used for ice breaking to keep the canal open.
In 1992 she became a floating restaurant/pub at Laggan (on the canal) and in 2001 conversion works started, these were suspended and she was sold to a Doncaster owner in 2005 and towed from Inverness to the old Macalpine yard at Ardyne Point.
In April of 2006 she was reported as being sunk.

2010 she was purchased by the Save the Scot 2 group.

Amost sunk when the tide is in.

At low tide with a bit of sealife growth on and around her stern.

Following a race against the incoming tide, she is pumped out and is back afloat, and after a survey it is found that her shell plates have stood up to time very well, and yet another testament to the shipbuilders of Leith.

Her 3 day journey back to the Caledonian Canal begins, and despite very heavy weather the SCOT II sits well in the water.

Her journey continues up the west coast of Scotland.

Home on the Caledonian Canal, still looks like the fine ship she is despite all that has happened to her in the last 15 years or so of neglect. 

The next few photographs show the extent and scope of the work required to restore this old girl to her finest.

Her inside shell on the port side looking forward.

Her Starbd inner shell forward.

From the deck into her engine room space.

Her main cabin floor.

Now that the SCOT II is to be restored she still is pretty sound as she is and will clean up quite well then we can get a good look at her steelwork and it is interesting to compare some recent photographs sent in to the website, the photographs above were taken some 4 years ago and the photographs below are from March 2015.





She has been protected from the worst of the elements this past few years although the task is somewhat daunting she will be restored and is also now included on the British Historical Ships register as the oldest known ice breaking tug still in existence.



1 The single screw Tug KENT
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