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A history of the Ships built at the Henry Robb Shipyard in Leith, Scotland. Also a testimony to the men who built the Ships and to all who sailed in them.
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Stern looks pretty good as well, some shipyards would be wishing they could still produce something like this

News for some of them is that they could never produce a stern like this anymore


The build Sept 2013

True to his word Steve, is continuing on with the
model build of the MV BRITISH COAST and she is getting close to finished as you
can see from the photographs kindly sent in by him as he continued with the
model after taking a well earned break.

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Now she gets her paint job done and is looking smart and deceptive to think this model is just over 5 feet long

Looking like a ship now and just drying in the sun

Nice original wooden wheelhouse effect

Port side from the stern forward and after structure almost there

Along her deck looking aft

Star'b side from aft


Nice "sheer" view on her Star'b side

The build of the MV BRITISH COAST continues now with some of the finer details required to build this fantastic model,

The wooden deck details are required along with all the rails for the Foc'sle Deck, running aft along the bulwark and

continuing along the after Poop Deck.

Some really fine work shown here and not to say some real skill as well.

Some painstaking work required to ensure the rails are just right



The rails have to be set out correctly just as they would have been done in the old mould loft.


All set out on a template for the wooden deck now


The results of all the hard work can be seen here and the detail is amazing.



Focsle deck complete seen looking forward great work on the model of the MV BRITISH COAST.


The details of the rails continue along the starboard side Bulwark


The Poop Deck rail is now in place and looking good on the MV BRITISH COAST



This shows some of the fine detail on the Poop Deck Rail looking forward on the model of the MV BRITISH COAST

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The model of the MV BRITISH COAST is looking good.

Some of the many finer details of the build of this model have been going on over the winter and we feature some of the

photographs below.

 Her running lights work just fine





Once the model has been built and completed then it just would not be right not to launch her

The BRITISH COAST was recently launched into a lake in the middle of Canada, miles from

any Ocean, but she took to the water like a duck, as you can see from the following photographs






 There is also a pretty neat video of her first voyage on U-Tube

just click her to watch


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