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A history of the Ships built at the Henry Robb Shipyard in Leith, Scotland. Also a testimony to the men who built the Ships and to all who sailed in them.
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Lofting Services
We have the Capacity and Capability to help you in any boat/shipbuilding project.

All work is carried out by capable and experienced Loftsmen, Designers and Naval Architect with over 100 new build projects worked on including everything from 21' 0" (7m) work boats to leading teams on the new aircraft carrier being built in Scotland for the Royal Navy.


You will be supplied with all that is required to make a successful build and if required we can have the services of an experienced time served Loftsman on site and he alone has worked on close to 40 new builds from 58' fishing boats to salvage tugs to aircraft carriers we have the experience and knowledge to reduce your cost and bring your project in below budget and on time.


From harbour tugs to bulk carriers we have the capacity through strategic joint ventures to ensure your build is completed on time and completed right, we will reduce your build cost with our combined knowledge of just how 21st century systems and technology is blended with time tested methods of shipbuilding.

All of our preliminary designs/feasibility studies and calculations are carried out by our experienced Naval Architect and includes such as

Final General Arrangement

Completed Body Plan

Calculation of Scantlings

Scantlings Drawing

Estimating Lightship Weights


Cross curves of stability

Study of 5 loading conditions and stability

Power prediction


Below is a small example of the type of full information you will be supplied with and we don't just go off someplace else once you have our supplied information No we can be on hand to monitor and expedite the build keeping dimensional control and sorting out the myriad of questions and potential problems encountered when building a ship/boat.

We can provide whole ship design from complete project preliminary and production design to lofted parts, as well as helping shipyards or marine designers with excess requirements.

Full 3D modelling capability, including hulls, superstructures, modules and structures, piping systems and machinery spaces, cut files and full lofting service to include plate nesting and profile cut lists. Ship block arrangements and breakdown, for full modular construction along with workshop drawings.

Full Draughting (Drafting) service,
including design, production/working drawings for hulls, superstructures, full ship systems and machinery spaces and foundations.


Our Loftsmen and Designers will help you reduce waste saving you time and money along with a better quality of finished vessel.

Computational Geometry for Ships

Computational Geometry for Ships

This book offers an advanced course on “Computational Geometry for Ships”. It takes into account the recent rapid progress in this field by adapting modern computational methodology to ship geometric applications. Preliminary curve and surface techniques are included to educate engineers in the use of mathematical methods to assist in CAD and other design areas. In addition, there is a comprehensive study of interpolation and approximation techniques, which is reinforced by direct application to ship curve design, ship curve fairing techniques and other related disciplines. The design, evaluation and production of ship surface geometries are further demonstrated by including current and evolving CAD modelling systems.

You will be supplied with all the following to ensure your successful build and should you require more or less information we will provide that as well, our Loftsmen where all old school trained so we can loft full size just as easy as using 3D Cad, your preference and costs will always be a residing factor and we like to think that you will be pushed to find better quality and service for the price anywhere in the western hemisphere.


Please read on to see an example of the type of information and service we can provide.

3D Models produced such as the one above of a small harbour tug
The size of the vessel makes no difference to the experienced Loftsmen and we will save you time and money.
From scantlings to standard shipbuilding processes we can help your build and bring it in on time and under budget
All butts and seams accounted for with full welding information supplied
All required plates nested and full information supplied such as cutting lists, profile lists and sub-assembly information
3D solid models ensure the accuracy of your build we also provide the experience and knowledge to ensure that built parts from the CAD will go together as built.
Solid Modelling and CAD Systems

Solid Modelling and CAD Systems

Solid Modelling and CAD Systems gives users an insight into the methods and problems associated with CAD systems. It acts as a bridge between users who learn interfaces without understanding how they work and developers who create systems without understanding the needs of the users. The main feature of Solid Modelling and CAD Systems is a logical analysis of the techniques and basic solid modelling methods used in modern CAD systems. The book goes on to describe, among other subjects: two-dimensional shape definition methods,the command interface and graphics,databases and data exchange,early-phase design, andcommand files and command structures. Reading Solid Modelling and CAD Systems will help users understand the limitations of the techniques they are using and will enable practitioners to use CAD systems more efficiently. It is a valuable tool for designers, as well as for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. The exercises it contains allow readers to try out different aspects of the subject matter and the book also includes projects that can be used for teaching purposes.

When you need to see what your intended ship really looks like we provide rendered models as well, as part of our service we can even supply you with a very nice Half Hull Model of your ship to hang in the office or home.
Any other pertinent information to the building of a ship can and will be supplied from work boats to bulk carriers call or email to find out more how we can help we can take the design from scantlings to shipbuilding standard processes through to final build and we will save you time and reduce your budget.
Should you find that you have some over capacity and you need to get drawings out then we can help, with our experience and specifically written software specific to shipbuilding we can produce drawings very quickly and at a very good price, jigs, moulds, detail drawings whatever your needs are we can accomplish in time with the quality you would expect from experienced shipbuilders.
You can release your core team to work on parts required and we can take up the slack for you, this means your teams concentrate on what they should be producing and we deliver the rest.
Above is shown from a recent study carried out by our J/V partner and shows the clearance required for the Anchor and position of the hawse pipe relative to the main winches port and starboard, this type of investigative study can be very quickly carried out and this allows your own team to concentrate on some of the main core activities of the design and lofting requirements for your build
Decks, Superstructures, funnels and all main engine seats/foundations can all prove time consuming to your core team while our capacity and experience allows us to produce this quickly and correct first time.
All machinery seats/foundations for the build can be produced saving time and cost.

We can show you a significant saving on time and effort so contact us in the first instant through the website and we shall get back to you with further details of our service.

We can take your project from scantling calculations through to the basic project onto project development and construction strategy and show you how to control the accuracy of the build as you progress not by just measuring parts we have the knowledge and the means no matter the size of the project large or small.




About the Book: The new edition of CAD/CAM/CIM has been brought out to focus on the response of CIM technology to address to new challenges faced by manufacturing in the new millennium. CIM is moving towards more and more sophistication in exploiting the capabilities of computer hardware and software. This book gives a detailed account of various technologies which form computer based automation of manufacturing activities. Computer aided shape design and geometric modeling have been revised and an introduction to robust design has been added. Design coverage is enlarged by adding FEA. As far as manufacturing is concerned, numerical control, computer aided inspection, robotics etc. are dealt in detail. ERP, PDM, PLM, simulation tools and manufacturing simulation have been covered in more detail in this edition. Supply chain management, collaborative design and computer networking are also covered in this new edition. This book is intended as a text book for students studying CAD/CAM/CIM and a reference book for manufacturing engineers. Contents: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Product Development Through CIM Principles of Computer Graphics Computer Hardware Operating Systems and Environments Geometric Modeling Techniques Finite Element Modeling and Analysis in CIM CIM Database and Database Management Systems Computer Aided Process Planning Planning of Resources for Manufacturing Through Information Systems Manufacturing Automation CNC Machine Tools Robots in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Computer Aided Quality Control Fundamentals of Networking Collaborative Engineering Graphic Standards CIM Models Flexible Manufacturing Systems Shop Floor Data Collection Systems Simulation in Manufacturing

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+8 #1 Eddie Rivera 2012-01-09 02:44
How much would you charge for lofting (in CAD) a 20 feet sailboat in US dollars?

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